Celtics: NBA’s Greatest Dynasties Here With PNXBet PH

Celtics: NBA’s Greatest Dynasties Here With PNXBet PH

Since their founding in 1946, the Boston Celtics have had one of the most successful runs in the history of basketball. The iconic franchise, based in Massachusetts, have won a record 17 championships, culminating in their most recent success in 2008. To this day, they remain the face of the NBA. As the premiere destination for NBA fans, PNXBet Casino Online Philippines invites you to follow the Celtics’ rise to stardom and discover what makes this top-tier basketball team so unbeatable.

The Early Years (1946-1956)

The Celtics franchise first began when a group of businessmen bought the struggling Washington Capitals and moved them to Boston in 1946. After struggling for the first few years and finding no success, their fortunes changed drastically in the 1950s.

The turning point was the drafting of Bob Cousy, a showman of the court. Cousy was a towering presence both on and off the court, and his shooting brilliance propelled the Celtics to their first championship in 1957.

The Celtics Get a Superstar: The Bill Russell Era (1956-1969)

In 1956, the Celtics drafted Bill Russell and his presence immediately changed the fortunes of the franchise. With him in their roster, the Celtics won 11 championships in the following 15 years, creating an unparalleled streak of success and cementing the Celtics’ legacy.

The Bill Russell Era was defined by the on-court brilliance of John Havlicek, Bob Cousy, and, of course, the great Bill Russell. But the team’s success didn’t only come from their dynamic on-court show, it also came from their off-court camaraderie and support for one another, as evidenced in their all-time record of 11.

The Larry Bird and Kevin McHale Duo (1980-1987)

In the late 1970s, the Celtics emerged from a period of decline and the draft of Larry Bird in 1979 played a pivotal role in their resurgence. With Bird at the helm, the Celtics dominated the decade, culminating in the championship in 1986 against their arch enemy, the Los Angeles Lakers.

The heart of the Celtics during this time was the tandem of Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, who led the Celtics to its 12th championship in 1987. Bird won 2 MVP awards during this time, while McHale was widely recognized as one of the best defenders in the NBA. This dynamic duo pushed the Celtics back into the top echelons of the NBA, making them the stars of the ‘80s.

The New Big Three: Pierce, Garnett, and Allen (2007-2012)

In 2007, the Celtics made one of their boldest moves ever in signing Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce. With these three superstars in their ranks, the Celtics went on to dominate the decade with their extraordinary off-the-court chemistry and dynamic on-court show.

The trio’s arrival marked the resurgence of the Celtics as a legitimate contender in the NBA. In 2008, the Celtics won their 17th championship, the most in NBA history. This also marked their first championship since 1986 and brought an unbelievable joy to the Celtic faithful.

Take the Celtics' Winning Legacy with You

The Celtics have been one of the most successful teams in the history of Basketball. They are the most decorated team in the NBA and the face of the Celtics brand is deeply woven into the very fabric that makes up the game of basketball.

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