Crash Tag Team Racing - A Blast from the Past

Crash Tag Team Racing - A Blast from the Past

A Unique Blend of Fun and Challenge Crash Tag Team Racing is a 3D kart racing game, set in a vibrant and comedic world. Players have the choice between 12 different characters, all unique in their design and driving style. The levels combine racing, shooting, stunts and key collection in a way that evenly balances fun and challenge. Players never have a dull moment, and no one race ever feels routine.

The Best Crash Game Yet

Crash Tag Team Racing stands out from other entries in the Crash gaming series. The game mechanics are simple to learn, but the number of customization options and the sheer variety of levels make the game highly replayable. Its the kind of game that keeps you coming back for more and doesn't get tiresome after multiple plays.

Ridiculously Fun Multiplayer

The one thing that most gamers miss about classic Playstation 2 titles is the multiplayer aspect. And this just happens to be one of the biggest strengths of Crash Tag Team Racing. Online, split screen and link-cable game options are all there, ensuring that you'll never be short on exciting multiplayer action.

The Creature Feature

One of the most enjoyable features of Crash Tag Team Racing is the ability to combine two karts together into one crazy vehicle. These combined forms can be tweaked with several inventive upgrades and options. The game also boasts an amusing range of vehicle voices and configurations, adding an extra layer of comedic joy to the proceedings.

Crash Tag Team Racing - A Retro Must Have

Crash Tag Team Racing is a game that plays just as well today as it did when it hit store shelves. Its bright, vivid graphics and cartoonish characters are still as enjoyable to look at as ever. Its controls are solid and the action is fast paced. In short, its simply a must have for anyone who loves a classic kart racing game.

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