John Lloyd Cruz, an Iconic and Resilient Actor - PNXBet PH

John Lloyd Cruz, an Iconic and Resilient Actor - PNXBet PH

John Lloyd Cruz is one of the most iconic actors in the Philippines, making his presence felt in various film, television, and theatre productions throughout his stardom and continuing to be a household name today. A multi-award-winning leading man, his public persona not only inspired his prolific career, but also his celebrity career as an ambassador, designer, and entrepreneur throughout the Philippines and Asia.

John Lloyd's Beginnings

Born on June 24th, 1983 in an impoverished Manila neighborhood, John Lloyd didn't have an easy childhood. His father was a taxi driver, and his mother worked as a laundrywoman in order to make ends meet. As an escape, John Lloyd discovered his passion for acting—gaining interest in the craft after being featured as an extra in a television advertisement.

John Lloyd's Rise to Fame

John Lloyd worked hard to get to where he is today, establishing his own unique style and stance in the Philippine entertainment industry. His first big break came in a popular youth-oriented television series in 2001, where he starred as Renato "Lalaking Matapang" in the classic hit Tabing Ilog (The Riverbank). Here, he was able to display his natural charm and appeal to the younger generations of viewers in the Philippines.

This then led to his being cast as the titular protagonist in the primetime TV drama Sana Maulit Muli (Make it Happen Again) in 2007. In this drama, he was able to display the wide range of expressions and emotions his characters were faced with, leading to him gaining fan adoration and critical acclaim throughout the Philippines.

John Lloyd's Acting Chops

From there, John Lloyd made a name for himself as a versatile and talented actor. He appeared in several major films, such as One More Chance (2007), In My Life (2009), You Changed My Life (2009), A Very Special Love (2008), and Assorted Gems (2009).

His work in these films garnered him several accolades, including the Best Actor award in the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival for his excellent performance in One More Chance. He was also nominated for Best Actor for the same movie in the Gawad Urian Awards, another prominent award-giving body in the Philippines.

His success, however, didn't end there. He's also been able to gain supporting roles in several critically acclaimed films, such as Begin Again (2013) and The Traveler (2016). This then led to him taking on the challenge to create his first directorial work, an independent feature film titled Darkroom (2019).

John Lloyd's Upcoming Projects

John Lloyd's star continues to burn brightly in both TV and film. He's been cast as lead actor in the upcoming movie Can’t Help Falling In Love (2019), where he'll be playing the role of Kitas alongside actress Maricel Soriano.

John Lloyd is also the lead actor in the upcoming ABS-CBN TV series The General’s Daughter, where he'll be playing the role of an Army Colonel. This is a riveting role, being the first time he'll portray a character with such authority and power.

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