Perfect GTO Bluffing Frequency in PNXBET casino PH

Perfect GTO Bluffing Frequency in PNXBET casino PH

While utilizing the ideal polarization model, the ideal feign to esteem proportion is altogether reliant upon the size of the attacker's wagered. The most straightforward approach to computing the ideal feigning recurrence for the attacker is essentially to consider the pot chances that the protector gets while confronting a wagered. You can utilize the free "Offering Pot Chances" number cruncher to rapidly find the pot chances your bet is advertising. Simply enter your bet size, the pot size, and see which level of your wagering reach ought to be feigned. It is impossible for our opponent to exploit us if we play this way given the proposed situation. PNXBET casino PH Of course, knowing the optimal bluffing frequency does not automatically mean we understand how, or why, it works! Let us take a look at that now.

How Does A Perfect Bluffing Strategy Work?

Recall in our model that the protector holds a feign catcher, and that implies that they will possibly win assuming the assailant is feigning.
Think briefly about the accompanying inquiries: Should the protector challenge the waterway with their false front catcher? On what variables is the choice ward?
The response relies absolutely upon the protector's pot chances.
The protector can call productively assuming that they hope to win more frequently than their pot-chances rate. Allow us to separate it.
If the aggressor is bluffing more than one-third of the time, the defender should always call because it will be +EV (profitable) for them to do so. The aggressor is bluffing too frequently according to game theory.

If the aggressor is bluffing less than one-third of the time, the defender should always fold because calling will be -EV (unprofitable). The aggressor is not bluffing frequently enough according to game theory.

If, however, the aggressor bluffs at the perfect frequency, exactly one-third of the time, there is nothing that the defender can do to exploit the aggressor. It is only if the aggressor deviates from the optimal bluffing frequency that the defender is able to generate an exploitative counter-strategy PNXBET casino PH, in which the defender either always calls or always folds.

Can You Beat Perfect A Bluffer?

Let us play devil’s advocate for a moment and try to increase the defender’s EV by playing around with their strategy. We know that folding more will not help the defender, since the EV of folding will always be zero.

Instead, consider the defender’s EV when they call to see if you can increase their profits.

There are two possible outcomes that can occur when the defender calls the river with a bluff-catcher. The following is an example of how we calculate the EV of this simple poker spot.
The amount the defender wins when the aggressor is bluffing is perfectly balanced by the amount the defender loses when the aggressor is value betting. We have demonstrated that the expected value of calling the river with a bluff-catcher is exactly $0!

No matter what the defender does in this scenario, their EV will always be zero. Even if the defender always calls, always folds, or mixes up their calling and folding ranges arbitrarily, their EV will always be zero.

We usually express this by saying that the defender is indifferent between calling or folding with their bluff-catchers.

This is not to say that the defender’s calling frequency is not important. For example, if the defender chooses to fold every single time, this is something that the aggressor can potentially exploit.

A GTO Bluff Example

Many of the discussions in the book GTO Poker Gems are based upon real solver models. We will start by employing the perfect polarization model and running it through a GTO solver.

It is not necessary to run these solves yourself since we will provide all of the required information. However, we have made the GTO+ solver files available for all purchasers who are interested in a deeper dive.

Here are the starting ranges we used in Solver Model 1: Perfect Polarization. Note that the ranges are not designed to be realistic but rather to represent the perfect polarization model as simply and accurately as possible.

Note that the aggressor’s bluffs here are any 5x hand that does not have a diamond flush by the river. On the other hand, the defender’s range always makes a pair of tens which always beats the aggressor’s bluffs, but loses to the aggressor’s value range.

Here is a breakdown of how the solver is playing the river as the aggressor. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of combos in poker, the term combo is used when discussing how many ways a type of hand can be made. For example, there are six possible ways to be dealt a given pocket pair preflop, so there are six combos of each pocket pair.
Notice that the solver is bluffing exactly one-third of the time when making a pot-sized river bet.

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Bluffing Tips

We should bet a mixture of bluffs and value hands on the river. (This is known as betting a polarized range.)
The larger our river bet sizing, the more frequently we should be bluffing.
Value bets should account for the larger portion of our range, even when using large sizes.
The GTO bluffing frequency for the aggressor is the same as the pot odds percentage offered to the defender.


Abstain from getting stalled with exact feigning frequencies. In any event, being some place in the right ballpark with your feign to-esteem proportion will make you much harder to play against.
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