The Perfect GTO Bluffing in PNXBET Casino PH

The Perfect GTO Bluffing in PNXBET Casino PH

What does an ideal GTO feigning procedure really seem to be in the present games? How frequently would it be advisable for you to feign as indicated by the GTO solver? We should examine how to accurately make your feign range in a given circumstance to formulate a triumphant wagering procedure in all NLHE games. Indeed, even before the times of GTO examination, the best poker players naturally comprehended that there was a breaking point to how much feigning they could pull off. An all around planned feign can without a doubt be exceptionally rewarding, however assuming you begin feigning constantly, even the most heartless of rivals will get on to the double-dealing that is occurring. Alternately, assuming we are never feigning, it turns out to be excessively simple for rivals to just areas of strength for overlay best hands when we bet, perceiving that we quite often have a significantly more grounded holding. The arrangement? Push play, or read If we can build our betting ranges with a good balance of bluffs and value bets, it makes it much harder for our opponent to exploit us. Where a bluff is a bet made with a very weak hand that aims to get our opponent to fold, and a value bet is a bet made with a strong hand (i.e., a value hand) that aims to get called by worse holdings.

A Perfect GTO Bluffing Strategy

PNXBET online casino teaches us that there is a perfect balance between the number of bluffs and the number of value hands that we should bet in a given situation. This balance is referred to as the bluff-to-value ratio or bluff value.

A bluff-to-value ratio describes the relative number of value hands and bluffs that we have in our range when we bet or raise. E.g., a 1:2 (one-to-two) bluff-to-value ratio means we are bluffing half as often as we are value betting. Alternatively, we might say that one third (~33%) of our range consists of bluffs.
Having the perfect bluff-to-value ratio not only makes it difficult for our opponent to play against us, it actually makes it completely impossible for our opponent to construct a winning counter-strategy. A perfect bluff-to-value ratio is the equivalent of always choosing each option in RPS exactly one-third of the time.

But what does the perfect bluff-to-value ratio look like?

To understand this, we need to first lay some important groundwork.

A Simple GTO Bluffing Model

It is common to make some simplifications and assumptions when applying game theory to poker. We will be making use of the following common assumptions when discussing bluff-to-value ratios.

The aggressor has a “perfectly polarized” range

The aggressor has a betting range consisting purely of value hands and bluffs; that is, perfectly polarized.

A polarized range is comprised exclusively of strong value hands and bluffs, with no hand strengths in between.

The value hands can never lose at showdown, and the bluffs can never win at showdown. The aggressor is first to act (out of position) on the river.

We are analyzing a river situation

The concept of bluff-to-value ratios applies mainly to river situations. The model we are about to discuss will not apply directly to earlier street scenarios.

We will consider a HU situation where one player (the aggressor) makes a bet against their opponent (the defender) on the river.

The defender has a range of pure bluff-catchers

None of the hands in the defender’s range can ever beat the aggressor’s value hands at showdown. However, all of the hands in the defender’s range will always win at showdown against the aggressor’s bluffs. The defender is last to act (in position) on the river.

The term bluff-catcher refers to a hand that can only win if our opponent is bluffing. In the context of a GTO discussion, a bluff-catcher will also be at least strong enough to beat all of our opponent’s bluffs.
This outlined model, along with all of the assumptions, is sometimes referred to as the perfect polarization model. Take a moment to make sure you have a good understanding of the scenario since it will crop up quite frequently in conversations about GTO poker.

Perfect GTO Bluffing Frequency

The size of the aggressor’s bet.

The easiest way of calculating the perfect bluffing frequency for the aggressor is simply to consider the pot odds that the defender gets when facing a bet.

You can use the free “Offering Pot Odds” calculator to quickly find the pot odds your bet is offering. Just enter your bet size, the pot size, and see what percentage of your betting range should be bluffs.

Take a simple example where the aggressor bets $100 into a $100 pot on the river with a perfectly polarized range.

How often should they be bluffing?

Let us start by calculating the pot odds that the defender is getting.

The defender would be risking $100 to win the $200 pot. They are therefore getting ~33% pot odds on the call (or 2:1, if you prefer ratios).

As the aggressor, we should bluff the same percentage as the pot odds the defender is being offered: ~33% (or one third) of the time. The remaining ~67% (or two thirds) of our betting range should be value hands. If we instead use ratios we can say that our bluff-to-value ratio should be 1:2 (one-to-two), which is simply the pot odds ratio switched around.

It is impossible for our opponent to exploit us if we play this way given the proposed situation.

Of course, knowing the optimal bluffing frequency does not automatically mean we understand how, or why, it works! Let us take a look at that now.

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